Status insurance Benefits!

Status is your solution for patient - doctors relationship management!

Status Is Much More Than a Software!

Discover the various benefits of Status for your clinic.

  • Find a Great Cash-FLow Forecast Tool
    The Health Insurer owns complete control over the patients relationship with partner clinics. As all information comes to the insurer, including all appointments made for all partner clinics, the company has a great instrument for cash-flow forecast and is in a good position to plan for future activities and investments.
  • Capitalize on Digital Innovation to Achieve Growth and Profitability
     Digital Insurers are using new technologies to sign more policies, to reimburse their partners faster while reducing the cost of back-office operations and stay ahead of competition. They are creating unique customer experiences through new combinations of information and digital technologies. Innovative digital strategies uses high-tech products and processes to create new revenue.
  • Medical Information Governance for Claims Management & Fraud Detection
    With Status your Claims management and Fraud Detection department are able to get claims related information (lab results, medical images, visit records and prescription history) in digital form from the health service providers who digitally send the claims package for reimbursement.

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