Status for you Benefits!

Status is your solution for patient - doctors relationship management!

Status Is Much More Than a Software!

Discover the various benefits of Status for your clinic.

  • A Secure Place to Consolidate All Your Medical Information
    The app is a reliable place, always available online and always connected with you through mobile devices, to define and track your medication.
  • Get in Touch with Specialized Medical Staff for Fast Medical Services
    By using the app you can contact medical personnel on-line via the instant messaging tool to ask for information, second opinions, to share personal medical data or to schedule appointments.
  • Track and Maintain a History of your Medication
    All your medical information can be accessed via STATUS. Keep track of medication and control its administration by alerts and notifications (smartphone app, e- mail etc.), save past treatments diagnosis for future references.
  • Be Better Prepared for Emergencies
    STATUS is a fast solution for medical issues and emergencies, with an incorporated instant messaging feature and the option to communicate with the physician of your choosing. The fact that all your medical information is available to the doctor means that you can get a better and faster service for all your medical needs.

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