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STATUS is your quick and easy solution for communicating with a patient outside the hospital!

A quick and user friendly way to access patients electronic medical file, post updates, monitor patients health status and receive feedback from patients.

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Keep your patients files neatly organized and have an overview of their parameters at any time.


Get access to the full power of Status App.  Bring everything in one single place.


Get access to the full power of Status App. Bring everything in one single place.

STATUS Is Much More Than a Software!

Discover the various benefits of STATUS for your clinic.

  • A Simple and Effective Tool for Managing Doctor-Patient Relationship

    Doctors have a unique tool for managing appointments with support for emergencies and unscheduled .. Status allows doctors to view all waiting patients and their waiting time and to respond to patients queries from anywhere at anytime.

  • Connected & Enhanced Healthcare Focused on the Patient

    Quick and user friendly access to patients files and history, including family history components. All the required health data is available: allergies, up-to-date medication, recent health parameters readings (blood pressure, blood glucose, weight), long term history for the medical parameters and lab results, X-Rays, CTs, scans and other images.

  • More Free Time for You and a Faster Service for your Patients

    For us doctors, time is never enough. We need a lot of time to research a patients file, go over his or her medical history, read and interpret medical tests and this usually happens while the patient is present. The mobile app lets me view all these from anywhere so when I’m with the patient I can focus on him so we have a faster and more productive medical act.

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STATUS is helping patients, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.

  • - Medic

    By using STATUS I can prepare myself before the appointment by simply checking up the patient file. I have access to test results, prior diagnoses or even pathological information. I can even communicate with the patient before the appointment, should any additional information be needed.

  • - Medic

    As a doctor my priority is to ensure the best possible medical act by continuing to learn new practices and treatments, but also to keep pace with current technologies. This takes a lot of time and effort but the advantages of being a good professional are enormous in this field. Nevertheless it’s not enough to be a good doctor if you don’t have patients so I needed a way to present myself to my patients.

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