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STATUS is your solution for patient - doctors relationship management!

Health service providers which strive to continuously improve their services, require state of the art solutions for maintaining the mobility and accessibility of medical information. STATUS is an internet platform that enables doctors and medical health providers to interact with their patients and exchange information in a secure and friendly environment.

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Keep your patients files neatly organized and have an overview of their parameters at any time.


Get access to the full power of Status App.  Bring everything in one single place.


Get access to the full power of Status App. Bring everything in one single place.

STATUS Is Much More Than a Software!

Discover the various benefits of STATUS for your clinic.

  • Promote your Doctors to Attract more Customers

    As hospitals are always striving to get the best doctors for their patients we are constantly looking for ways to promote them in our app. Patients can view details about doctors medical specialties, achievements, and they can even communicate with their physician via instant messaging.

  • Unlock the Clinical and Business Value of Medical Data

    From cash-flow forecasts to a better and faster patient service, STATUS helps in most steps of the medical and administrative acts. Having a large amount of data available and a means of delivering that data to different channels means having options for future plans of development, being able to and delivering an improved service.

See How Other Health Service Providers Are Using STATUS!

STATUS is helping patients, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.

  • - Health Services Provider

    Lack of active communication between doctors and patients after leaving the clinic had always made things more difficult. With the implementation of STATUS from Star Storage, communicating with patients based electronic medical record became really easy. People can watch all the medical information generated and they can communicate directly with their doctors through the application.

  • - Health Services Provider

    Marketing has never been easier. Our patients get access to the STATUS communication platform through which we regularly send out information on new offices opened, on doctors who joins us or different investments in medical equipment and even discounts and loyalty campaigns.

  • - Health Services Provider

    STATUS gives patients a channel of direct communication with us, so that we are better prepared to provide top medical services. Patients can complete electronic medical records, information about overall health, medical history, even media information about them, which help doctors make decisions and recommend treatment.

  • - Health Services Provider

    Within days of implementing STATUS in our hospital, we managed to drastically reduce the number of unkept appointments, rescheduling was made much easier by simplifying the process and through a personalized notifications module. We saved a lot of time for our doctors and our patients as well.

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